Offer digital rights without getting overwhelmed with activation

Partnerbrite's campaign automation platform handles the campaign set up, optimisation and reporting of fan targeted ad campaigns

Why digital matters?

Brands spend more than half their marketing budgets on digital while sponsorships deliver less than 10% of their value from digital rights.

Unlocking brand budgets depends on offering digital fan media as part of the mix.


Digital activation automation

Partnerbrite has a full suite of digital campaign set up, optimisation and reporting tools to automatically deliver digital rights on owned channels and across the web.

Offsite campaign delivery

Automation of the set up, optimisation and reporting of social, display and video ads.

Onsite display and native

Onsite IAB banners and native content rights delivered and reported by Partnerbrite.

Social listening

Report on owned social posts containing brand keywords with one click

Self-serve tools

Allow sponsors to self-serve campaign management or reporting.

We hold your hand

We have a team of digital sponsorship sales and ad operations experts to deliver exciting digital activations for sponsors.

We can liaise with the sponsor, provide campaign support and ensure they are getting the most out their digital rights.

Data regulation friendly

No audience data is ever shared with the sponsor or with Partnerbrite. It remains on your owned and operated databases and systems.

Audiences are pushed directly into Meta, Google or TikTok. Most rights holders already share audiences with Meta and Google (e.g. from their website).

One centralised platform

Partnerbrite can track the whole partnership package, including non-digital rights.

This all-in-one sponsorship management tool allows the sponsor to view all their rights and download media plans, proof of delivery imagery and delivery reports.

Optimisation automation with Partnerbrain®

Partnerbrain is our optimisation algorithm. It optimises campaigns that run across multiple platforms (Facebook, YouTube, TikTok for example) based on the sponsor's campaign goals - automatically.

Live reporting

Never manually compile a report again. Partnerbrite automatically generates live cross-channel reporting.
Sponsors can login, view and download reports anytime.

Ad approvals for full visibility

Rights holders remain fully in control of the whole campaign execution process, including the ability to approve ad creatives uploaded by brands.

Nothing can run against the rights holder audience without being approved.

Get started in 2 weeks

Integrate digital rights into your sponsorship sales pitch with our guidance

Link website, app or CRM database with ad platforms (e.g. Meta) and define segments

Connect Partnerbrite and let sponsors or in-house teams manage digital activations

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