Unlocking the potential of digital in sports sponsorship

Partnerbrite's platform transforms a sponsorship with fan targeted digital campaigns on social, video and display channels.

  • Increase sponsorship revenues
  • Deliver measurable ROI to sponsors

We're an ad platform, not a data platform

Partnerbrite is a multi-channel DSP (aka digital campaign management platform). It automates the buying and optimisation of digital ad campaigns targeting fans - exclusively for sponsors.

Increase Sponsorship Revenues

Include fan targeted digital campaigns as part of the rights package to justify increased sponsorship fees, develop new packages and encourage renewals.

Measurable ROI

Partnerbrite allows you to prove the value of your sponsorships with clear, measurable ROI.

Offer digital campaigns that drive fan engagement and sales, providing tangible evidence of the effectiveness of partnerships.

365 Day Sponsorship

Sponsors don't have to wait until match day, or when the fan is browsing your website to engage fans.

Reach them anytime on the channels they use daily.


Integrated with the leading digital channels

Facebook & Instagram
Display & Search

Social Listening

Partnerbrite can generate automated reporting on sponsor brand mentions in social posts.

Showcase the value that owned channels are delivering for your sponsors.


See how rights holders are transforming their sponsorships with Partnerbrite

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