Turning one annual event into a year-long partnership with Crufts

Unveiling how The Kennel Club leveraged Partnerbrite to transform Crufts' sponsorships from a once-a-year event into an engaging, year-round partnership, maximising value for sponsors.

Turning one annual event into a year-long partnership with Crufts


The Kennel Club, the institution behind the UK's largest registration databases for dogs and breeders, sought to extend the impact of their event sponsorships beyond the singular annual Crufts event. To make this possible, they turned to the unique capabilities of Partnerbrite.


In a bid to augment the value provided to their sponsors, The Kennel Club utilised Partnerbrite's platform to enable activation of their partnerships throughout the year, not just during the annual Crufts event. This approach transformed their offerings into a scalable digital media product, which served to both secure and delight existing sponsors while attracting new partnerships.

The Result

Implementing Partnerbrite's platform significantly enhanced The Kennel Club's sponsorship offerings. The increased value proposition resulted in an upsurge of sponsorship fees and secured the renewal of all existing sponsors, despite the challenging market. The extended reach and frequency of the new media product also allowed The Kennel Club to introduce exclusive new partnership deals, such as the 'Official Car Partner'.


The Kennel Club's successful adaptation to Partnerbrite's platform is an exemplary case of transforming an annual event into a year-round partnership opportunity. Through integrating digital media rights into their sponsorship packages, The Kennel Club significantly enhanced their value proposition and solidified their market standing. This case demonstrates the power and potential of Partnerbrite's platform to redefine event sponsorship and provide consistent value throughout the year.